Werner, Rosemarie

Werner, Rosemarie

Business Description:

Clocks, Watches, Legal Consultancy, Legal and Public Notary Services

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Werner, Rosemarie





Company Head Office:

Werner, Rosemarie
Wilhelminenstr. 29
642 83


Sarapis soja for menopause

Sarapis Soja is a preparation suitable particularly for women in menopause (climacteric) who suffer from hot flushes, perspiration, and others. Sarapis Soja affects the proper functioning of the heart, helps to eliminate fatigue, insomnia and irritability.

Solid fuel range cooker

The solid fuel range cooker is designed for heating and cooking. The advanced design allows placing the solid fuel range cooker into a kitchen set or interior of a family house. The solid fuel range cooker works with wood or coal, it has high power and universal use.

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